Lucania opens its heaths, its valleys where rivers flow slowly like rivers of dust.


The territory and its beauty

The Vulture is situated within a large piece of land that extends to the extreme north of the Basilicata region, dominated by the austere outline of Mount Vulture, a volcano no longer active.

For centuries the volcanoes were experienced as a source of devastation and death, today farmers are compensated for the damage caused by the eruptions of the past centuries by having the opportunity to cultivate the vines on lava soil rich of minerals, which give the grapes a unique complexity.

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Wines and grapes

But for the best, a large territory of excellent nature is not enough, but it is important to have grapes that are best suited to these soils. Our vines have struggled for thousands of years to tame this land to their needs and today vines such as Aglianico and Greco have shown that they know how to perfectly adapt to these territories where they are pampered by the expertise of the farmers who have handed down the art of cultivation of the best grapes, with respect for the magical and uncontaminated nature.

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Great graples for great wines

The Vulture area is full of great passion and so of great wines. The volcanic activity of the past has enriched the soil with important minerals and the dry and arid climate has created the ideal conditions for the cultivation of particularly sweet grapes with a great taste. The human presence and the rural traditions contribute to making the wines of this area a unique and unrepeatable taste experience.

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