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Vines are life. Because the Mediterranean is history and the bond with the earth and with our roots dates back years. The fruit of this symbiosis is a perfect combination of knowledge and taste, of past, present and future; magic that is found in our wines: they captivate with their elegance, they conquer with their aromas and seduce with their power; but also with their extraordinary evocative power.

The Fantini in Group was born in the small town of Ortona, Abruzzo, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Founded in 1994, by three partners Filippo, Valentino and Camillo also called “the three dreamers” because they were able to make dreams that seemed impossible, come true, to create a reality that was the flagship of Southern Italy without having much money nor vineyards but with a highly innovative business model.

This is where the largest “Boutique Winery” in Italy is based. This implies a meticulous attention to every single detail, starting from the vineyards. To begin with, the grapes are carefully selected and the processing carried out by a team of 21 young winemakers with great international experience, that enables us to have wines of great value, appreciated all over the world.


Wines with an extraordinary mediterranean character

The art of winemaking can create nothing that is not already present in nature in processed grapes. Here are the reasons why our wines are so good: since the ancient times, the grape varieties have integrated into the land, where they have found a unique natural habitat; the experience and the passion of the farmers in symbiosis for 365 days a year where the vineyards are treated with the same intensity and attention that is dedicated to a newborn child and a team of highly experienced agronomists and oenologists, whose main mission is to transfer the peculiarities of unique, intact  grapes to the bottle.

Being able to describe the magic of these territories in every drop of wine is our greatest inspiration.

Wines abd award-winning ambitions

Full attention to details, specific marketing strategies for each individual product, and wine proposals enjoyed in over 87 countries around the world confirm the desire to be leaders of the wine renaissance of Southern Italy. This tireless pursuit of perfection has allowed us to become a leading company in Southern Italy for production and marketing and to win numerous national and international awards. Fantini Group has been awarded “Best Producer of Italy” in 2020 by Mundus and also in 2016, 2017 and 2019 by one of the most important wine guides, the “Yearbook of the Best Italian Wines” by Luca Maroni; it was then elected “Producer of the Year 2017” by the Belgian journalist Alain Bloeykens. Furthermore Edizione Cinque Autoctoni – the company’s top wine – has been judged “best wine of the year” 11 times; over 80 gold medals and international trophies, including “Wine Spectator Top100”, have enriched the company business in recent years

Our leading companies in Italy and abroad

The great success of Farnese’s productive and commercial system has been expanded from Abruzzo to Puglia, Campania, Basilicata, Sicily and Tuscany, maintaining the main objective of producing high quality wines that are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. In the future strategies of Farnese Group, southern Italy will play an increasingly important role because it can undoubtedly produce wines with an excellent quality-price ratio.

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