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A world heritage

Tuscany is commonly known as a magical region with immense hilly landscapes, that benefit from the cool air of the Apennines, softened by the influence of the sea. These are all very important factors that make this type of soil very suitable for viticulture.

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Wines and grape varieties

Sangiovese is undoubtedly the most typical grape variety of Tuscany; it is in fact cultivated in all the provinces with a winemaking potential and it is the base of important wines such as the Chianti Classico and the Brunello di Montalcino.

Another black grape variety which is very common in Tuscany is certainly the Merlot, cultivated on about 2800 hectares of land.

Among the native Tuscan white grapes, besides the Trebbiano Toscano, we have Malvasia, Vermentino and the famous Vernaccia di San Gimignano, produced especially in the area of Siena. The cultivation areas of these grapes do not all exceed A thousand hectares altogether, making Tuscany a region mainly cultivated with black grapes.

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Great graples for great wines

The territories of Chianti, now UNESCO heritage, are the flagship of the wine production in the world. The medieval villages around the immense vine estates, the unique typical products from these lands and the healthy air of Tuscany give birth to wines rich in experience and character.

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